Experience Tampere

Come to Experience Tampere, Finland on 12 – 16 September 2023! If you are among the lucky 10 registrants selected, you and your family will embark on an unforgettable journey exploring Tampere, and its stunning surroundings.

Tampere is the most desirable city to live in – and in the happiest country in the world. The city is growing and developing at a wild pace. The positive vibe of our city attracts talent and creatives to live in the region. What’s not to like; the spirit of creativity in the city can be seen everywhere. Our tech and startup ecosystem is made up of this kind of people.​ It’s possible for everyone to make their dreams come true in Tampere.

Not only does Tampere have a favorable climate for innovation but it supports the prerequisites for it as well. We have the infrastructure, services, a strong community, the support of the city and a common vision. We enable the success of our talents and startups.

Are you ready to join us in Tampere, Finland, for a 5-day immersive experience in our vibrant tech and startup city?

To be selected for this exclusive opportunity, you must meet the following criteria:

You Are Founder of a Startup

You Are Tech Professional


12.9. Tuesday

Welcome to Tampere!

  • 15-17: Welcome session at the International House Tampere
  • 17-19: Dinner

A space for participants to work remotely during free time can be arranged for the entire visit.

13.9. Wednesday

Startup Founders: Get to Know Tampere Ecosystem

  • 13-14: Visit Platform 6, Tribe Tampere
  • 14-15:00: RedBrick Accelerator Program, Dock Program + Demola
  • 15:30-16: Ensimetri

Tech Professionals: Meet companies

  • 09-16: Meet companies at their premises!

Details will be published once participating companies and schedules are confirmed.

14.9. Thursday

Startup Founders: Get to Know Tampere Ecosystem

  • 13-14: Visit Business Tampere
  • 14-14:30: Crazy Town
  • 14:30 -15:00 HUBS

Tech Professionals: Game On! Event And Challenge

Attend the Game On! event and do the challenge selected!

15.9. Friday

Startup Founders: Get to Know Tampere Ecosystem

  • 13-14: HUBS
  • 14-15: Networking & Meeting with Startups, Investors and Mentors

Tech Professionals: Complete Game On! Challenge

  • 14-16: Options to visit museums in Tampere or a nature tour
  • 18-20: Sauna and dinner evening

16.9. Saturday

Get to know Tampere

  • Tampere City Tour
  • Lunch

Please note:

Experience work-life balance in Tampere

Come to discover the best of both worlds in Tampere, Finland! Tampere truly embodies the perfect work-life balance. This vibrant city is a hub of rock and roll energy, with a bustling atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for work and play. Despite the hustle and bustle of city life, Tampere offers a relaxing escape with nearby lakes and forests. Here, you can give your all to your professional endeavours, and unwind with boundless entertainment and recreational options. The city provides ample opportunities for leisure and family-life.

In Tampere, you can be yourself and we are known for diversity. When you arrive in Tampere, you are coming home. Come to experience Tampere’s dynamic blend of career prospects, favorable climate for innovations, and recreational delights.

The application period has ended.

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The campaign is funded by the Talent Boost programme. Talent Boost is a national programme to attract international talent and promote their immigration to and integration in Finland. The aim is to increase awareness of Finland and make Finland attractive to international talent and, at the same time, improve the employment of international specialists who are already in Finland in jobs that correspond to their skills.