Get to Know Tampere Talent Ambassador Thanida Dharmajiva

Hello! I am Thanida Dharmajiva, an HR talent attraction coordinator and most recently an entrepreneur who recruits talents for Finland. I have seven years of experience in project coordination, talent attraction, marketing, and communications in international organizations, i.e. the technology company Continental. Self-development is a notable theme in my entrepreneurial journey. Being an entrepreneur allows me to push myself to take action and execute my passions while learning new things.

I come from Rayong, an eastern Thai province, known for its national parks, beautiful beaches and industrial development. The city is 2 hours away from Bangkok and takes only 40 minutes to Pattaya. While Thailand is known as the Detroit of Asia, my hometown is recognized as the “Detroit of Thailand”. The province is home to over 918,400 populations and 109 automotive supply-line companies including 9 of the world’s top 10 automotive suppliers.

I consider myself proactive and caring which means I respect people’s time and effort. I plan things well and make sure I act immediately. I am a good listener who values the ideas of others and is straightforward when needed. I like to bring out the best in people. You might find me encouraging colleagues to share and help summarize their ideas. My pride comes from my ability to help others which is why I devoted my time to supporting communities where I have lived e.g., teaching unfortunate kids, visiting old people, and giving advice to people in need. My goal is to expand my networks in Finland and Thailand and dwell in the business of education which I believe will bring a positive impact on society.

What is the best about Tampere

Coming from Thailand, I am amazed at how Tampere has provided comfortable life to people of all ages. I am impressed to see disabled and old people get into public transportation conveniently. Children travel safely and families here have a chance to maintain a work-life balance. This is fortunate for everyone as we breathe fresh air, live close to nature, fulfill our passions and nurture families in a safe place.

Moving to Tampere in 2016 meant getting to know a new city from scratch for me. What I enjoy the most about living in Tampere is hanging around the Hatanpää Arboretum and Rose Garden. I love to explore the different types of roses and sit by the lake in this peaceful area during Summer. Tampere has everything that a good city could offer; safe business hubs, public support for international talents, culture, nature, and fun events.

My mission as Tampere Ambassador

My country and Tampere are 8000 kilometers away from each other and I believe the two cities can learn from each other. Apart from promoting beautiful places in Tampere, I would like to project a livable city idea to Thai society as well as introduce more business connections from my home country. My main connections are in the educational field as I studied education in both my bachelor’s and master’s. I hope to be a facilitator who connects Finnish educational institutions with Thai schools and universities.

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