Initial Assessment Supports Your Integration to the Finnish Society

Are you living in the Tampere City Region, and you are planning to stay in Finland? We can help to make your settling here easier, so you can feel more at home in Tampere. This may be just that stepping stone to Finnish society you needed.

The initial assessment is meant to help you find the services you need to support your integration. The service is for residents of Tampere City Region, who have lived in Finland for less than 3 years and are not customers of TE Services. The Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Services) conducts the initial assessment for people who are unemployed jobseekers.

You can ask for the initial assessment from Multilingual info Mainio, if you are for example, a student or stay at home parent.

The initial assessment evaluates

This service is for you if:

How the process goes:

1. First, we will ask for enrollment with background information, and check if your status is supported for this service by the requirements of the integration law.

2. We will arrange an interview with you. Before the appointment, you can fill our form so that there’s more time for open discussion, but you can complete the form with our interviewer during the interview.

3. Then we identify your needs and goals on integration. Things that you have brought up in the interview and things that you have filled in the form both will be taken into deeper observation.

4. After which we will contact you with recommendations on measures promoting services, skills and/or training needed.

5. We can offer you free services based on your needs such as:

6. After the service is given, we kindly ask for your feedback by e-form in which you can also tell us if there’s any other matters that we could help you with to support your integration.

Got interested?

You can register to the service at Initial Assessment – International House Tampere.