Pulla Perjantai with Netled

Welcome to “Pulla Perjantai” with Netled on 9.12.2022 at 10am! This face-to-face networking event is organised by International House Tampere and Tampere Talent Ambassadors for those who would like to get to know different Finnish companies HR hiring process and their work culture. We will bring the pulla, and you get to have a cosy networking chat with the company representatives.

Netled is a 360-degree vertical farming company and a one-stop shop for vertical farming. We design and build cutting-edge turn-key vertical farming technology and offer a suite of services for controlled environment agriculture operators. We are a family business with over 35 years of experience in controlled environment agriculture in Finland’s challenging climate. This combined with our technical engineering expertise resulted in our Vera® vertical farming systems that integrate our LED lighting technology, irrigation and nutrition system, HVAC and heat recovery system, dynamic spacing system, and automation software enabling hyper-local, sustainable fresh food production anywhere and all the time.

Netled is always interested to hear from people with backgrounds in automation engineering, software engineering, and mechanical engineering, but they will also need people with backgrounds in project management and project coordination and administration. Here are some of the positions Netled will be recruiting during 2023:

As there are limited number of participants who can attend this event, we kindly ask you to register with a form. This is to ensure that every participant has a chance to interact with the company representatives. We will select the participants based on first-come-first-served basis, as well as your interest in the selected company. So please reply carefully to all the questions asked in the registration form.


The selection will be announced via the e-mail you list in the form. If you have any queries, please email us at: international@tampere.fi.

Date and time: 9.12.2022 at 10am
Venue: Will be informed to the confirmed participants